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What are my payment options?
You may pay the one time production fee via credit card, company check, PayPal, or bank wire.

How will I know if your video overlay will work on my site?
There are many technologies that you have access to when building a website. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to provide support for all of them simply because of the sheer quantity there is. However, we do provide a free test video overlay that you can quickly try on your own platform to answer this question conclusively. The only platform that we know poses challenges are website templates that do not allow direct modification of the underlying HTML code.

How do you create your videos that include text and graphics?
Generally, once the basic script is written, a storyboard is created that includes sections associated with on-screen text or graphics. With each consecutive section itemized accordingly as the script continues, this allows our graphics department to be on the same page with you understanding your vision and timings correctly, saving time with a shorter back-and-forth process. We ask that graphics be supplied to us and there are many stock image companies on the web to choose from.

How is your pricing determined?
Virtual Video Web™  primary goal is to produce outstanding video. Based upon what it takes to produce this result, we assign dollar values to each phase of production. Our pre-production and planning is just as important as what happens in the studio, which is also just as important as our post-production and editing, not to mention, the outstanding customer service that follows you after the sale. We know that your video needs to produce results, and we are a results-driven organization. We are not the least expensive because quality takes time. We are the not most expensive because we're constantly finding new ways to provide value to the marketplace. We sincerely hope you will agree.

Why are there different video formats available? How do I know what format is right for me?
Generally, your decision about what video format to use is driven by your web design and the intended usage of the video. For example, if you want to reach a large audience of potential consumers who search the Internet, then a YouTube video would be perfect as it provides the ability to enter keywords as well as a description to the video searchable by millions. This is same video can be embedded into one of your web pages as well, further informing your current website visitors. This maximizes your production dollars. If you have a homepage that employs a specific layout that does not account for a square video section, then an overlay might do the job because it is non-intrusive and disappears when done. A combination of the two could be a video banner ad or header that takes up a small area within your page. It is best to consult with your web designer before making a final decision.

Does Videon have any promotions or sales?
Yes. On our Order Specials page there are ongoing specials and promotions to further provide value during certain times of the year.

How do you determine the script length for your videos?
After filming hundreds of videos, we determined the average script read properly amounted to 15 words for each 15 seconds spoken. So, a 15-second video is 45 words, a 30-second video is 90 words, and a 60-second video is 180 words.

Are there benefits to being a Videon returning client?
Absolutely. Once you do business with Virtual Video Web, you will qualify for special promotions not available to the public as well as priority service that allows you to get rush videos or other upgrades to your video at no additional cost.

How much does it cost to produce a video?
We have broken down our pricing into various categories depending on the services you wish to order. Pricing is dependent on the length and additional post-production editing required. Depending on the format being requested (Flash, YouTube, etc.), we have a Request for Pricing page where you can complete the form to receive a customized quote of what you are looking for.

Can I choose what the actor wears?
Absolutely. Here are a few options: 1) You can send a company-supplied wardrobe uniform or shirt with the company logo 2) You can choose from the outfits available on the CHOOSE YOUR ACTOR demo reels. 3) You can send a screenshot of something found on the Internet and we can match as best as we can to that particular wardrobe. 4) You can request certain color combinations 5) if you are unsure about the wardrobe that will best fit your video production, you can watch live via webcam as the actor tries on different wardrobe options for an additional fee.

How short/long can the video production be?
The video production can be as short or long as desired. In general, the attention span of the visitor dictates the length of the video. If you want the video to appear on a marketing page, a short and sweet 15-second video would be good. A video placed on the homepage of your website with detailed explanations, a 60-second video is recommended. If you wish to create a tutorial video, the length can vary because of the high visitor interest. Be aware of the length of the video. If the video is too long, it will bore the user. Deciding where the video will be placed on your website will help determine what length is best.

What if I don't like the video?
We have a 7-day, unconditional reshoot policy using the same script. All you have to do is pay the cost of the actor. However, we take every necessary step to make sure that everything requested is delivered exactly as anticipated from our pre-production, production and post-production checklists, to our conference calls and optional live webcam services.

What if I don't like the actor?
We've provided adequate samples of each of the actors' demo reels to determine which actor suits your needs in advance. If you change your mind after the fact, you will need to pay to reshoot the video production with another actor.

Can I write my own script?
Yes, you can provide your own script for your video production.

Can Videon write my script for my video production?
Yes. Utilizing years of expertise and our talented script writers, we will create a script to best fit your needs for $200 per script.

If I purchase the link embedded in my site, do I own it?
Yes. As with all videos, you have 100 percent ownership rights to the use of the video on the Internet forever, when all videos are totaly paid in full.

Can I have a script recorded in other languages?
We can produce scripts in as many languages as feasible. On our CHOOSE YOUR ACTOR page, a foreign actors link to models available is provided. If you don't see a language represented that suits your interest, just give us a call and we will make every attempt to make your request possible.

How will using a video spokesperson enhance my website?
A video spokesperson right on your website is an extremely effective marketing tool. It will attract many different types of users to browse your website and utilize it more efficiently. Within seconds of the user opening the web page, a live representative will appear to help them through the website to inform them of a promotion or service. Virtual Video Web™ uses quality broadcast equipment and a full raster editing process, not to mention our pre-production expertise. With live webcams, actor conference, production review, and thousands of past clients, we have learned exactly, how to keep our customers happy. Our video overlay allows the actor of your choice to seamlessly appear on top of your web page. Your actor can begin speaking right away or only when a user elects to click a play button.

Can you add effects to the video? (I.e. text, graphics, etc.)
The answer is yes, but because the video production is generally a customized business, we would need to speak with you about your ideas in order to give adequate directions for your post-production interests.

Can we supply the raw footage for you to convert for the website?
Yes, we would need to speak with you about how the video should be shot in order for us to produce outstanding results.

How long does it take to receive the final copy of my video?
You will receive a final copy of your video production 7 to 10 business days after the order is submitted.

Can I have multiple actors in my video?
Yes. The script would need to be written to accommodate multiple-actor scenarios.

Are there discounted prices for an increased volume of videos purchased?
The answer is yes. There are quantity discounts available, just give us a call and we will make every attempt to make your video package possible in your budget.

What are the quality standards in your video production process?
Our videos are shot in studio-grade, high definition with broadcast quality masters both from an audio and video perspective.

Can I test a video to see if the product works for my website before purchasing?
Yes. We've provided a tool for you to test live on your website before your purchase. Visit, our CHOOSE YOUR ACTOR page, insert your web adress and click at the actor photo you choose.

Can I test different actors/scripts before purchasing my video?
The video production purchase includes actor costs, studio time and post production editing. Any work done on your behalf is an actual produced video incurring standard production rates. As a result, we cannot produce test videos for you before you make up your mind.

Can I supply my own actor?
Yes. You can come into our studio in south Florida to film your video production.

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