Terms and Conditions

• The Purpose of this document is to establish a contract between Videon™, and Client: for the production of multimedia video presentations. 
• Virtual Video Web™ will provide its video production services to Client, for the creation of short promotional video clips or multimedia presentations.
• Virtual Video Web™ will film, edit and render videos for progressive download broadcast on the internet.
• Virtual Video Web™ will provide the necessary html code for the playback of these videos over top of the Client’s website.
• Virtual Video Web™ will provide technical support for the installation and deployment of videos.
• All Project specifics for each video will be outlined on Virtual Video Web™’s Video Request Form provided.
• Additional project specifics including custom website coding or multimedia development work will be outlined on Virtual Video Web™’s Insertion Order provided.
• The Completed final project will be licensed solely to Client, with a copy retained by Virtual Video Web™ for archive or demonstration purposes.
• Client will hold the exclusive license to the video which will not expire. License is for one domain specified to Virtual Video Web™ at the time of the production of the video. Licenses for use on multiple domains must be approved by Virtual Video Web™ prior to production and may include additional fees.
• The client agrees that the script entered in this form will be considered the final script.  Any previous script(s) sent by email or other form will be considered rough drafts.  Any changes made by the Client to the script or project after completion of this form may alter the final billing.
• Virtual Video Web™ shall exercise sole discretion in the hiring and firing of crew and other production staff. The Virtual Video Web™ insures the highest possible standards of production for the specified budget.
• Virtual Video Web™ warrants that the production shall cost no more than the grand total listed on insertion order without prior written consent of the Client. Client reserves the right to increase, not decrease said budget at any time after insertion order approval.
• Virtual Video Web™ insures to provide a finished version of the Project to the Client within a reasonable time frame
• Projects must be paid in full at time of order. Refunds are not available for cancellations after payment has been made.
• Client agrees that wardrobe choices are limited to what the actor has available in their personal wardrobe.  Specific requests  for wardrobe outside of actors wardrobe selection must be paid for by client or purchased by client and mailed to Virtual Video Web™. Upon request, Virtual Video Web™ may send electronic photos to Client at time of shooting for final approval.
• Any additional needs or directions must be given in the "Additional comments and request" text field.
If multiple videos are being purchase a Request Form must be filled out for each video
• The Virtual Video Web™ Request Form will be considered to final decision, all previous communications and requests via email will be disregarded. There are no other agreements relative to this Project between either of the parties hereto either verbally or in writing and this document, the form constitutes the entirety of the contract.
• A “Reshoot Fee” of $150 will be assessed for any reshoot done because of inaccurate, missing, or unclear information in script or request.
• The Client is solely responsible for the content of the script(s).  Any claims or statements made in said script(s) are the responsibility of the Client.  Virtual Video Web™ reserves the right to refuse scripts for any content it deems inappropriate or unacceptable. Virtual Video Web™ reserves the right to request documentation backing up any claims made. 
• I have read, understand and agree with every provision of this contract selecting the "I Agree to the Terms and Conditions" radio button, hereby certify that I accept and agree to abide by them and that I am competent and legally qualified to enter in to such a contract.

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