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We are dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of new technologies for worldwide marketing and advertising.

We now offers you an innovative, way to  include a Virtual Video Web on your existing website by humanizing your products and services to your regulars or international clients in multiple languages.
Professional, high definition, multi-lingual actors video give a powerfull, dynamic presentation of your company to target audiences that you select,
Just send the "video code" to your web host, they will put on your actual web page without any changes .


To deliver new technology to our customers with the purpose of stimulating life-like interaction between an entity and its customers achieving a high level of success.


Soon, the media market will be increasingly closer to a model where technology wills more than ever a key role. The Virtual Video Web™ believes that anticipating the development of new solutions will allow customers to track changes in the market, turning challenges into opportunities possible.

Virtual Video Web™ helps our customers enhance their websites, better expressing the qualities of their products and services to their consumers. Rapid growth in technology has set a new standard in the multimedia marketplace. Our web based business solutions link your product directly to your customers, thus separating you from the competition.

In an ever-changing culture with increasing virtual environments, we have seen a large drop off in text marketing. The majority of today’s media outlets involve promotion of products and services through graphics, audio, and video. Virtual Video Web™ provides access to these styles of web promotion .

The most recent statistics state that the average web browser and Internet shopper spends no more than 11 seconds on any given Website. All current evidence supports a progression toward interactive advertising. The live personality provided through Virtual Video Web™ will optimize the 15 second running time by captivating the client and delivering a high impact presentation.

And speaking of web marketing, this is essential in increasing the time navigation of your website visitors. This then leads to an increase in quality scores and rankings provided by search engines. Virtual Video Web™ would prove to be a vital tool for increasing both the value and appeal of your website. This will result in higher consumer interest and generate your sales.

A dedicated format for including a spokesperson or virtual host has been introduced to the web domain. As its popularity grows it will promote your website as being the most current and effective in promotion of goods and services. Virtual Video Web™ is ready to lead you into this exciting realm of web design.

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We develops innovative video products through out VirtualSpokespersons to have real-time interaction with your customers using advanced high-definition technology and certified actors. It is both technologically impressive and able to make your website personal by adding the human touch and increasing your client conversion rates, without any changes on your actual web page!!

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